Gombfol Ltd is one of the most significant polyester fashion button manufacturers in Hungary. Our modern Italian equipment, the Italian know-how as well as Italian and Spanish raw materials guarantee the high quality of our products. Since 1991, the productivity of our company has increased tenfold, due to constant technological developments. Our stock of buttons is directly aviable for clothes factories and manufacturers as well for wholesalers both for men’s and women’s wear. Besides meeting national requirements, our company exports directly to 6 countries as well. Several American and Western Europian countries found Gombfol a suitable and reliable partner due to the fact that we are also able to meet special requirements such as sampling, dyeing, manufacturing on samples. The number of our business partners has been increasing constantly. Having a most reliable background, we are also able to negotiate individual financial and transporting conditions.
With a view to fast service, our company specialises in catalogue buttons. We have a large number of products in stock introduced to our customers as well as on the homepage. Our choice is widening season by season. Neverthless, our previous products can always be found besides the latest ones.
In case you can not find any suitable products in our catalogue, we also have the possibility to produce buttons tailored to the special needs of customers. Meeting special needs is most important for GOMBFOL. Our service includes the following:
      1.   Combining any raw material and any shape
      2.   Manufacturing on sample button
      3.   Dyeing
      4.   Laser engraving